Friday, October 24, 2008

do u remember?

He: I wonder if?
She: if?

He: you remember where...
She: where?

He: we met
She: met?

He: not yet?
She: I do remember

He: you do?
She: what?

He: remember!
She: ah yes, I recall now

He: how was it?
She: it?

He: never mind
She: I had it, somewhere, in the back of my mind

He: do you mind, if?
She: what?

He: if, we forget
She: not really

He: really?
She: as long as...

He: as it stays the way it is
She: same as it was

He: the day we met
She: now I remember

He: ...
She: ...


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Anonymous said...

Maybe it is kind of irrelevant, but.... they say a man gets married hoping his wife will never change. A woman gets married hoping the man (once he becomes her husband) will change...