Saturday, July 28, 2012

few hundred years...

He: I still can't cope with the fact that I have only one life to live.

She: ?

He:   I always felt that two to three hundred years more would make this life worth the trouble. Either that, or that phases are really too short!

She: What do you mean?

He:  Imagine!
       The first few years of your life with people define the rest of it, unfortunately.
       Meaning let's say:
       Ten to twenty years of meeting and greeting, loving and hating
       if you are lucky,
       You hook up with a life partner,  
       if you are faithful and good,
       It's gonna be that for the rest of it.

She: and?

He:  and, 
       in the back of our mind,
       few other stories here and there that had a potential to grow 
       Yet maybe not for this same life,
       So maybe a couple of few more hundred years, distributed better, 
       And you are good to go!

       How is that for a Monday morning philosophy?
She: very very deep! trouble!

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