Friday, August 22, 2008

Hope on the cover of a magazine!

He: Oh my God!
She: what's up baby?

He: I had such a tough day today!
She: ...

He: for a moment there, I thought:
"stop, stop, everything should just stop,
right then, right there..."

She: did you?
He: I thought:
"come on, this is becoming ridiculous!"

She: ...
He: "what the hell am I doing here?"

He: and suddenly, while I was going down,
I saw this baby,
on a cover of this magazine,
he smiled at me,
he just smiled,
at me.

She: baby, baby!
He: and all of a sudden
out of nowhere,
I started climbing back again!

He: i just thought:
"come on, you have a lot to build,
You can't just slip now!"

She: you crazy architect of me!


samah said...

you're getting sweeter..
goodbye pen & ink..
welcome sugar and honey :D

mee said...

It's the season! my Dear!